Community Ecology Research


See here for currently open positions and Bsc/MSc projects in my group. In addition, I encourage direct applications for projects that have an independent financing, such as Ambizione or Marie-Curie fellowships. For an overview of possible independent Postdoc funding, see here: UZH Postdoc funding.

If you have a project idea and a financing plan, please contact me, sending me your CV, two addresses of academic references as well as a 1–2 page summary of your project plan.


Open PhD and Postdoc positions:

Currently no open position


New positions within the Blue-Green Biodiversity Initiative of Eawag and WSL will be opening in mid-2021.

For more information on the ongoing BGB initiative, see: BGB initiative



Available BSc or MSc projects (thesis projects are primarily targeting UZH and ETHZ students):

    • The “who is who” of aquatic biodiversity in Swiss rivers. Improving databases for eDNA biodiversity monitoring. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Taking the lab to the field: A novel tool to assess biodiversity in river systems- Using a “pocket sequencer” to assess the timescale of eDNA biomonitorings. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Does the community matter? Species responses to environmental change in a community context. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Measuring aquatic biodiversity in the river Rhine using environmental DNA (eDNA). Details MSc projectProject description
    • Habitat matching under environmental stress: how population performance, niche construction and dispersal affect habitat- matching predictions. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Hidden in the dark: Ecology and faunistics of groundwater amphipods in Switzerland using a citizen science approach. Details MSc Project: Project description
    • Resilience of meta-ecosystems: how openness and diversity buffer for ecosystem functioning under perturbation. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Transport and decay of environmental DNA (eDNA) in rivers: Develop laboratory and field experiments to directly release and capture artificial eDNA molecules and compare their detection and quantification to model predictions. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Species responses to environmental stress: how eutrophication alters size and biomass distributions. Details BSc project: Project description