Community Ecology Research


See here for currently open positions and Bsc/MSc projects in my group. In addition, I encourage direct applications for projects that have an independent financing, such as Ambizione or Marie-Curie fellowships. For an overview of possible independent Postdoc funding, see here: UZH Postdoc funding.

If you have a project idea and a financing plan, please contact me, sending me your CV, two addresses of academic references as well as a 1–2 page summary of your project plan.


Open PhD and Postdoc positions:

PostDoc position in Spatial Conservation of Species and Biodiversity Scenarios for Switzerland (3 years). Apply by March 10th 2023

PhD position in community ecology. Apply by February 25th 2023

Postdoc position in Biodiversity Implementation. Apply by February 20th 2023



Available BSc or MSc projects (thesis projects are primarily targeting UZH and ETHZ students):

The following projects are currently available:

> Unraveling the effects of local and landscape factors on arthropod communities on green roofs using environmental DNA metabarcoding. More Info

> Investigating interactions between ecosystems through the flow of non-living material. More Info

> Understanding meta-ecosystem dynamics using protist microcosm experiments. More Info

> Integrating realistic landscape features into meta-ecosystem theory. More Info

> Modelling transport of environmental DNA in river networks. More Info

> Synchrony and persistence of populations in river networks. More Info

> Unraveling community structure of aquatic insects in a river catchment. More Info

> Leaf litter decomposition experiments using amphipods as study organism. More Info

> Long-term temporal patterns of amphipod communities in tributaries of Lake Constance. More Info

> Explore unknown groundwater biodiversity using environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding. More Info


If  your interests match our research, feel free to contact me.