Community Ecology Research


See here for currently open positions and Bsc/MSc projects in my group. In addition, I encourage direct applications for projects that have an independent financing, such as Ambizione or Marie-Curie fellowships. For an overview of possible independent Postdoc funding, see here: UZH Postdoc funding.

If you have a project idea and a financing plan, please contact me, sending me your CV, two addresses of academic references as well as a 1–2 page summary of your project plan.


Open PhD and Postdoc positions:

12 Postdoc positions within the Blue-Green Biodiversity Initiative of Eawag and WSL (See here the call)

The loss of biodiversity is, next to climate change, one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing. Research and action to reverse and mitigate the loss of biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions and services are thus crucially needed. In order to tackle this scientifically and societally urgent topic, the ETH Board has funded a research program on Blue-Green Biodiversity (BGB). Its goal is to strengthen interdisciplinary biodiversity research of WSL and Eawag in order to find answers to urgent social challenges of species loss as quickly as possible.

For the first round of calls, BGB2020 is looking to fill 12 1-year postdoc-positions (see here call and description of all position). All of these positions will be set in a highly collaborative framework at both institutions, and tackle scientific projects for which data are at hand and can be readily used. Application deadlines are soon, so apply quickly!

Two projects are (co-)led by me, please apply:

Project 1 – The architecture of community structure, functional traits and trophic networks across blue-green ecosystems. Project lead: Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt (Eawag) and Prof. Dr. Loïc Pellissier (WSL). More info here:

Project 5 – Testing the generality of biotic homogenization by human impact in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Project lead: Dr. Martin M. Gossner (WSL) and Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt (Eawag). More info here:

For more information on the BGB initiative, see:



Available BSc or MSc projects:

    • The “who is who” of aquatic biodiversity in Swiss rivers. Improving databases for eDNA biodiversity monitoring. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Taking the lab to the field: A novel tool to assess biodiversity in river systems- Using a “pocket sequencer” to assess the timescale of eDNA biomonitorings. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Does the community matter? Species responses to environmental change in a community context. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Measuring aquatic biodiversity in the river Rhine using environmental DNA (eDNA). Details MSc projectProject description
    • Habitat matching under environmental stress: how population performance, niche construction and dispersal affect habitat- matching predictions. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Hidden in the dark: Ecology and faunistics of groundwater amphipods in Switzerland using a citizen science approach. Details MSc Project: Project description
    • Resilience of meta-ecosystems: how openness and diversity buffer for ecosystem functioning under perturbation. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Transport and decay of environmental DNA (eDNA) in rivers: Develop laboratory and field experiments to directly release and capture artificial eDNA molecules and compare their detection and quantification to model predictions. Details MSc project: Project description
    • Species responses to environmental stress: how eutrophication alters size and biomass distributions. Details BSc project: Project description